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dat smuggler....


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just finished the prologue and got my ship.


Damn! I don't know who was the drunk which said smuggler sucks but this class is epic win.


I've went with male twelak (last race not used in my legacy) and went with "Fuuu dark\light I'm going with whatever option which nets me more credits."


so far his lines are epic win and each mission I lol myself to death.


and dat ship! best friggin ship in the game! it's huge and interesting + (beside ebon hawk nostalgy) I got a couch which I can sit on!


So far Corso is kinda nice and do his job as a tank, and I met risha which told me chapter 1 will be glorified UPS simulator.

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... I met risha which told me chapter 1 will be glorified UPS simulator.


This part made me lol so hard! :D


And yeah... the smuggler's storyline is one of the best in the game, followed by the imperial agent's one.


I had a smuggler, but wasn't having much fun, so I invested in troopers (got a vanguard and a commando) and the story isn't bad as well, if you like the feel of the military.


I'm just waiting the cathar to come to make a scoundrel again.

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ok I get it now....


companion dialog > cool

random lines > cool


Class story > not cool.


Just did taris... I don't even know what I did there just random run around grab stuff come back.

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Smuggler story starts off strong, but is less interesting after chapter 1.


Definitely the best dialogue and most humor in the game, though.


Bounty Hunter in Taris? All I can remember from that planet is finding Mr. I Don't Use Pronouns Torian.

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After completing 5/8 of the game's story (missing inquisitor warrior and bh), the smuggler imho has the worst story so far. Couple of nice bits but that's it.


Otoh, it has some of the best companions, especially since


one of them is part of your own class story for quite a while.



Some of the lines are very nice too but it really doesn't compare, as far as the story, to some other classes.

I mean, the consular story is not great and a bit dull but a least you have a good sense of direction and purpose and you can feel what you're doing has some meaning.

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Taris is one of the best bounty hunter planets... amazing mission.


Imperial Agent Taris line - How Vindictive Are You? Lesson One


And the Smuggler story - a lot of great lines, a lot of great characters, but a bit of a mish-mash when you actually look at what you're doing. For a class archetype that's supposed to be wholly independent, you end up relying on a lot of people for pretty much every little thing.


Also, Corso's a bell-end.

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