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55 Marauder LF hardcore guild


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I am 25 years old, experienced mmo hardcore player with a good sense of humor :)

I am looking to join active PVP/PVE (or both) guild with a decent playerbase of lvl55 players.

Vent and mic are no problem, and I am online almost 10h a day.

I would be thankful if you could give me a link to your website or forum so i can apply, or contact me ingame,


IGN: Chakaron

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If you don't mind leveling a sentinel and doing both PvP and PvE on the best level, FriendlyFire is a ranked 2 PvE guilds doing 16man content. We always have a need for DPS, especially sentinels since they both have amazing DPS and makes the other players better (Inspiration/Bloodthirst) ,so feel free. Experience with the encounters isn't an issue, from my knowledge, good PvPers normally make good PvErs so learning the fights and your job shouldn't be any problem.




We always do interviewer on our mumble after we have taken a look at your application, then you get accepted on a trail, this don't mean any disadvantages for you in terms of loot or raidspots, only that we are keeping a closer look on you and how you preform.

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