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Legacy Achievement Points Leaderboard


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Welcome to The Ebon Hawk's Legacy Achievement Points Leaderboard! Below is a list of the biggest, baddest achievement chasers on the server. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? If so, post your submission along with the following information:

1. Legacy name

2. Number of achievement points

3. Screenshot

The screenshot must be taken by opening your Legacy pane and clicking on the "Achievements" heading on the left. This should show you an "Achievements Overview" page.



Q: What's the purpose of this thread?

A: It's just for fun. There are many players who compete less or not at all in endgame PvE and PvP and this is a nice way to showcase their accomplishments.


Q: Do I really have to reveal my Legacy name?

A: Unfortunately, yes, otherwise there's no way to verify whose achievement pane it is. If someone can suggest a way to avoid needing to do so I will be happy to change the rule.




~ The Ebon Hawk Legacy Achievement Points Leaderboard ~













Thanks to Baarf, because I stole his format from the PvP records thread.

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2. 8390
My 3915 feels so inadequate now.

Then again, I haven't really had time to spend chasing any of them down since they were released and have just had to take what I was given retroactively and what I've earned over the course of running RotHC several times.


I've got 2 more characters to get through Makeb in the next couple of weeks and then I'm gonna see what I can do about going back and picking up some of the achievements that I'd have probably gotten if they'd been in the game from the start.

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