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Work in progress - Legacy Point update - Now a "Galactic Hero"


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Been busy and can now confirm that I just unlocked "Galactic Hero" title and passed the 12500 legacy point mark.


Will work now on "Meatbag" title and will report back. Next aim is 15k points.


--> http://www.fotos-hochladen.net/view/screenshot2013xsqn6zhokj.jpg


--> http://www.fotos-hochladen.net/view/screenshot20136b0cwso89t.jpg


C U around.




Bigger Achievements:


all 8 chars leveled to 55

all 40 companions leveled to 10k affection

all crewskills to 450

all Maps discovered (Imp Balmorra bugged)

all datacrons collected

all Beast entry discovered (Ilum is bugged/missing 3 beasts)

almost all pets collected (just Best Buy pet, the 5 promo pets, and Krell dragon missing)

almost all available mounts collected (just win-a-friend mount and PvP 2200 points mount missing)

all Operations in hardest available mode cleared in 16 man mode

NEW!! All heroic quests on all planets done

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Very nice work! Is there a title for 10k achievement points? I just reached 9k and was disappointed to see there was no "OVER 9000!" achievement :p But 12500 is definitely impressive. Edited by Jenzali
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