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Server Status Messages !!! The Harbinger


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I have a suggestion BW ...



How about if you are going to take a server offline on the weekend, you at least have the common decency to let that server know if the server will even be coming back up in 10 min, 33 hours, 2 weeks, etc ...


A 15 min warning and then no posts, no messages, no nothing on anything about the server to at least let the players decide if they want to wait around or not is probably the worst failure I have seen on the part of BW to date ...



Truly Pathetic BioWare .... I mean seriously, isn't that why you have a Server Alerts page?? To let us know???

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I agree. Only the Harbinger server went down with a 15 minute warning. I'm still waiting to see when it'll be back up because going to SYSTEM ALERTS page does zero good for anyone since nobody seems to feel it is important to give a subscriber/player a clue as to why the server is down when all others are up, when the server will be back up or at least an estimate of when it'll be back up. It seems pretty bunk when a person is told to get off the server and then there is no other word about it.... ESPECIALLY when all other servers are up!


Can some one please tell us what is happening in the System Alerts page at the VERY LEAST?


Guess this weekend is a bust, time to go explore the Theatre, Restaurants, and Department stores instead of wasting my life on a game!:mad:

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I agree Completely.

I have been sitting here waiting and zip. If I had know or if on the server status page there was a link to info on this outage I would be much happier. I understand that things go wrong but you could link a Notice on the Estimated down time or if no idea just say WE DON'T KNOW WHEN SERVER WILL BE UP


Continues to be a problem


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