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Crafting Dailies/Weeklies


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Synopsis: Crafting quests for reputation factions that allow for the increase of faction standing as well as engaging role relevance and an alternative path to raiding by which to get late-game schematics.


Outline: A group effective on both the Republic and Imperial sides calls upon craftsfolk to help solve some of the dillemas of keeping civilization from falling apart all over the place. Some of the jobs would be mercenary in nature, others altruistic, possibly providing light side/dark side points as secondary rewards for some dailies. Others might be fluff-storied as being for the Luminatas Club and acquiring Reputation with random-but-appropriate factions.


Weeklies, instead of simply being bigger, more expensive jobs with bigger, shinier rewards would be more along the line of "Complete 25 daily crafting missions sponsored by The Luminatas Club" and/or "Complete any five of the crafting dailies offered by The Voss" and so on.


Objective: The goal of this idea is threefold. In the first, the goal would be to enhance the feeling of relevance craft skills provide to the character's contributions in the greater galaxy, as well as to provide a nice little side platform for a lot of fluff and 'And in the rest of the galaxy' errata to be given an already existing venue without requiring high production overheads and animation/voice-over costs (as most all of everything would be text fluff, like fluff for craft skills already is).


In the second, it would be a platform via which crafters could pursue Raid-level schematics without having to farm HM 55 FP's and Operations. It would take longer and the process would be more random (I'm envisioning that the rewards for completing a crafting weekly would be a random Arkanian or even Verpine schematic; not necessarily one that is useful to the player, but could be traded on the GTN; as well as whatever else by way of Basic commendations and otherwise would be suitable). Additionally, armor and weapon shell/curio item schematics that occur nowhere else could be made available to crafters via this platform, to further enhance the value of crafting in general.


In the third, it would allow players to use all these crafting skills we muck around with to feel more involved in affairs ongoing from a different angle. One that might so happen to be a credit sink at day's end (with possible rewards of coveted schematics and other neat/useful/curious or even unique aesthetic stuff, some of it perhaps craftable and tradeable, some of it perhaps BoP and useful only to the crafter), but one that some (many?) might be quite happy to engage in.

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