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**Space Missions NEED to change!**


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I've made several suggestions based on the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy a couple of times already. I'm hoping that over time, perhaps player experiences in this game will become much more epic using The Empire Strikes Back as major inspiration.


Space missions are fun. I'm not here to complain. BUT - No more single player space missions. The mini game aspect should be scrapped. Every single ship that you shoot at in a Space Mission should be a player. Players should be allowed to blast each other to bits in massive space battles that either involve defending NPC Capital Ships OR Guild ships.


When you watch Star Wars... The Empire Strikes Back or many of the space battles in Clone Wars... THAT is how space combat should be. You keep the interface exactly the same except you're trying to shoot at players and blaster fire from ships should NOT follow you. Players should have to actually time their shots, maneuver and avoid fire.


Think about how much more meaningful ship upgrades become. You can allow players to further customize the physical appearance of their ship as well. (i.e. paint jobs, designs) Think of how much more fun it would be to earn pvp / space titles or rewards and how you could add all sorts of unique weapons, shields, etc.


AND - PLEASE... lets add a few more music tracks to the space battles. The ones from the original movies will do just fine. Every time I play my Sith Warrior or Inquisitor it's always the same track.


What about instance / flash point space battles? - 2/4/10/25 Players must disable a massive battle cruiser. Once the ship is a sitting duck, players board the ship and fight off npcs. Remember Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft? Why not do THAT Star Wars style using a space battle?


You get the idea! I think one of the biggest issues with the game is that it's simply not Star Warsy enough. You have planets in place and players are only allowed to explore a small fraction of the planet. You have an entire galaxy but players are limited to repeatable single player space missions. Bring the universe to LIFE and I guarantee you players will flock to the game and PAY (although they will still complain... why do people always feel that developers should work for free? Especially for MMOs? )



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