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Add back LVL 55 SM for KP, EV and EC.


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Now i have made the mistake of letting my Gunslinger reach 55 before I finished the Aratech Fire Vehicle Achievement. Now that I cannot join the queue finder because only 4 levels are allowed 50 to 54. Whom ever thought of this should be shown the door.


And I have tried spamming in chat R-DPS LFG EC SM and have had an invite to EC HM. That is not what i need.


Please make another line in the Queue finder for 51 to 54 8 man SM and appropriate weekly award. This is ridiculous to exclude LVL 55's from this. What where you thinking. I get the whole different award. And there is a higher difficulty on KP, EV and EC than regular HM FP's that I can still join. I can only imagine that limit kills that 8man queue that is only for 4 levels.

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