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[PVP] SWTOR: Pvp 2.0 Marauder // Skyrush GP Series.


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I made another Series, GP Stands for Gameplay ofc, here I will have various of things

This is most for entertainment purpose, check out my latest Video, Now This Video will symbolize for this game is not always about damage and I want to share that u can also have equal fun to play Objective too and especially Hutball, one of my favorite map in the game and I hope BioWare makes a new map/zone that has something similar in the future hehe. If this has capture your eyes then then stay tune for the next one next weekend ^^.


If u haven’t watch the Video before that u can check it out here


Out now! not gona bother post anymore related to this series so for does who want to continue to folow, check my Youtube Channel Edited by KalElc
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Well i understand your fascination with the ball, its quite natural when you lack your own




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