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Specialization Saver and Loader.


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Please, add some sort of specialization saver to the game.

Let's say you play a class that can play 2 types of roles in the game, a dps and a healer per example.


And you get into a flashpoint as dps but you queued as a healer, so you just open your specialization skill, press one button and BAM, your previously saved healing spec just loads and you're ready to go, instead of the need to apply point by point and "waste" time.


This would be nice for players that like PvP as well.


I roll a gunny commando for PvE, but let's say I enter a warzone and I want to play assault, then I just open my spec panel and click such button and BAM, ready to go and when I leave the warzone, I just hit the button to load the gunny spec again.


To do so, you would need to have the field specialization perk unlocked for that character and set up and save your presets, so you just need to load them when you want to use them.



In my opinion this would be very useful, specially if you have a preset spec for PvE only and another for PvP only.

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