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One-TIme Password


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Hey guys,


I have a static IP address, but you already know how annoying it is in this case. The problem is, that I don't even receive the e-mail! Yesterday I had to make a phone call to the UK to get one, that way I could log in, but of course I can't do that every single day...


Any ideas what to do? I've been waiting for that e-mail for a while and I don't think it will ever come.

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I was having this problem a while back.. well ever since Hotmail and outlook merged.

so I made a gmail email and followed these steps




+ Decided that maybe my email was bugged so decided to change to different email account

+ This process does not require a long distance phone call and can be completed via live chat via the ea.com website.

+ https://help.ea.com/article/i-have-a...-my-ea-account

+ After setting new email address, I started getting emails per normal, however they were blocked.

+ The emails were blocked due to invalid SPF records. This may be a fault of the spam filter rather than something wrong on bioware's end, as the spam filter seemed to be comparing nil rather than the ip.

+ In any case, whitelisting the sender domain (bioware-mailer.com) easily got the messages through my spam filter.


= @bioware support

+ Received-SPF: fail (mydomain-filtered.com: domain of bounces+filtered@bioware-mailer.com does not designate nil as permitted sender)

+ https://community.barracudanetworks....-mail-servers/

+ Upon changing my email address, I got emails from ea.com to both new and old email address.

+ Upon changing my email address I got a "confirm your email address" email from swtor. Could it be that I was not receiving one time password due to my account originally being created thru origin / not having confirmed the email address with swtor ?



hope It helps :)

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