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When will old events be back?


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I have finished Makeb story on my Marauder, and pretty much as I feared I'm not feeling like repeating it already on my Operative and Assassin. I did love the scenary, and thought it felt more KOTOR then a lot of other places, but I also agree that cleaning all the trash mobs every few steps isnt fun. On one ocasion I've had the mob respawn before I could reach the terminal I was suposed to, even.


The fact that there are only 2 story lines, one for empire and one for the republic, also reduces its replayability. One of the main reasons I repeat Bioware games is because I want to save people I allowed to die on the first run (Mass Effect), want to see the story of a diferent romanceble crew member or unlock a diferent ending. My only option here is doing the Republic story wich wont hapen any time soon because my most advanced republic character is lvl 24.


Content like the Black Hole and the New Gree event have the most replayability value, for me, because they pay off (or in Black Hole case used to) and are doable in a rather short amounth of time, without wasting time cleaning the path every step of the way to the objectives.


At the moment even though I have yet to finish the so called Makeb class mission (I'm kind of tired of Makeb already, mainly because of the mobs reason I already mentioned, and for the lack of a story carrot in the end of the stick), I really wish I could take a break to do the old Raghoul event or the old Nar Shaddaa Gree event. And I still have some DNA/tokens for that on my bank. Perhaps with some new items to barter for, to make things more interesting. And so I remembered you (devs) once said we would be seeing the events return, so was wondering when?

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