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Sith assassin class


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I would like to see that you complete the sith warrior and inquisitor chapters 1-3 you can unlock the sith assassin class with one for class a total of two sith assassins. With this class your sith warrior and/or inquisitor is the assassins master and some of the companions for the assassin could be some of the characters from the masters story. The advanced classes for this class can be the sith duelist and the sith marksman. The duelist gets all of the lightsader and tech staff training (including wielding two lightsabers). The marksman gets pistol, rifle, and sniper rifle training along with the single lightsaber training. Keep in mind they can still use the force. The ships can be the fury just like their masters. I think these classes will make unique pvp and role playing content and have more fun with the sith. I did try to think of mirror classes for the Jedi knight and consular but none of them made sense, if you any ideas for this share. I would like to hear your thoughts.
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