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Small improvements to armor color matching.


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This may be a bit early as we haven't seen the patch yet, but here we go.


As in patch 2.1 we will be able to dye pieces of armor, this will allow us to circumvent some of the limitations of the color matching system (IE a certain piece of armor matches prominently to the secondary color instead of the first).


There are two ways to solve this imho, and they are not necessarily exclusive as one of them could have other uses too.


Suggestion 1 is:

A dye module, either in addition or in place of a normal module, that allows us to switch the color matching of a piece of armor: IE, the matching is now crossed, with the modified piece of armor matching his primary color to the secondary of the chest and his secondary to the primary of the chest.


Suggestion 2 also has additional uses:

Since I suppose that color matching will still override the local color of the item, dying secondary pieces would mean having to manually change the color matching every time. Not a big deal I know, but one thing that could be done to alleviate this issue and also allow, easily, more complex outfit coloring while giving more reasons to buy armor dyes for pieces other than the chest is giving the ability to lock the status of color matching on a per item basis. This will allow us to have some pieces with their own color matching status (either matched or unmatched) while still keeping some free to be matched all at once while trying out outfits or simply changing things around, making it easier to play with different color sets on different pieces of armor.


As I said, the two things do not necessarily exclude one another, though they both contribute to solve one problem.

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