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Forget Arenas...let's revitalize Open World PvP!


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So, an idea I've been kicking around since noticing the Outlaw's Den quests on Tatooine reappearing on PvP terminals is what can be done to make Open World PvP worth the trouble.


A lot of us avoided it in the distant past because it was nearly worthless (oh, sure, you got Mercenary Commendations, but Ilum was considered vastly better for that anyhow.) But, it dosen't have to be that way!


I hold up that other MMO that has pandas as an example. In the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale, there's a chest that spawns every three hours on the three hours; players must fight each other to claim the treasures in this chest, which are usually really nice (and include a trinket that starts a quest for a very nice low-level PvP trinket!)


Why not start with something like that for Tattooine and/or Hoth? Since it's tucked away in its own little corner of the world map, it would be completely optional so the pure PvE players don't have to play a mode they don't like. Ideas?

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