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<Rebel Alliance> is recruiting for PVE end game content


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<Rebel Alliance> is recruiting for PVE 8 Man operations for HM operations of TFB and the new operation HM Scum and Villainy. Rebel Alliance was formed in order to progress further as a guild and do new content with a new set of friends! During our progress we have found different ideas of how each raid leader would like their raid to consist of.


We do not have any specific days for raid, but try to consistently make HM 55 Flashpoint groups, or SM/HM operation groups for TFB and S&V. Our normal play times are about 4pm EST - 2am EST. Operations do not normally last longer than 3 hours but tend to finish a little early. NO SPOTS are reserved for operations. First on, first serve, as long as the people who want to go are geared and experienced with their particular role. We do use parsers either Torparse.com or Mox Parser to check our dps and heals for our group.


Current Progression

SM Scum and Villainy - 7/7

SM Terror from Beyond - 5/5

HM Terror from Beyond - 2/5


Guild needs for operations: DPS both melee and range.

We need some very good DPS, but are willing to take healers and tanks as well. With more people joining, more groups can, and will be made.


We are willing to teach anyone any aspect of operations from DPSing, Tanking, to healing, as long as people are willing to learn. There are a few very experienced players in our guild with knowledge to help anyone improve.


We use mumble for communicating during our operations and do require it for all of our operations.We do welcome all people willing to create their own group and encourage others to do so in the guild.


If interested in joining, Please whisper or ingame mail to Dra'hcir, Leeyah, Drahcir, Kakprime, or Kakarote. You can also visit our website at http://rebel-alliance.enjin.com and apply today. You can also leave a post and will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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