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How can I find a Guild


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I am kind of new posting to the Blog so rather the racking my brain to come up with something colorful I am just going to shoot from the hip. I have a Jedi Knight Sentinel (Kwi Yin) on the sever Ebon Hawk currently at level 32 and am looking for a guild to for Heroic and Flash Points never done PVP but willing to give it a shot. I tried to find something in game but all I can find are players wanting help with winning levels (many wanting me to do the heavy lifting). If anybody knows of anybody recruiting please bean me a message. Edited by wolfefang
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So many ways to find a guild. A good many may just refer you to go to the appropriate server forums @

the EBON HAWK Guild Recruitment section .


There is also a bunch of other ways to find a guild as well, through the (outside) server forums @



Good luck in your search for a home, and may the force be with you.



Like any other guild, we are always recruiting as well.

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