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Ok I'm stumped I don't know why I'm underperforming


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I'm a carnage spec. (same problem when I switch to rage). I am never higher than 300k total dps in a warzone. I can't seem to burst anyone. I always middle of the road for damage. I'm in full weapon master partisan gear and started adding strength augments. I have not min-maxed anything yet. I've read the carnage rotation threads and I just seem to be lagging very much behind. When I parse on a warzone dummy I'm only doing 1600k

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I generally:


Leap->BA->gore->mass->mass->gore on proc or mass->ravage->VT->FS


What the hell I'm I doing wrong?

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Well first, what kind of latency are you working with? I'd say that is the largest factor as carnage, lag is killer for the spec.


Otherwise make sure you get a mix of weaponmaster and the other one, forgot its name, but it shares the bonus with weaponmaster. You are shooting for power+surge, (optional: with a little crit thrown). Full weaponmaster has some pieces without power surge so you would want to use the power/surge pieces from the other set.


For pvp, rotations are more of a guideline rather than a rule, as you have to adapt, but you got the general idea. I don't use rupture as carnage though, I suppose it might be useful in certain situations, but I rarely use it. Also, don't forget the dual saber throw, that one is helpful, and free. Use those stuns too, a well placed aoe mez can keep you alive a lot longer.


Also, if you are pugging, your numbers can sometimes be low. I pug primarily and I'm around 850-1k dps on average, but in a group, with a somewhat dedicated healer, and guard? I could probably go for 1.6k or so, depending on the heals for the other team.

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