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Customizable Modded Armor


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There are actually quite a few pieces of armor that I really like the look of in the game that are not moddable so they become obsolete extremely quickly. Here is my suggestion:


Create a 'blank' piece of adaptive armor that comes with the usual empty moddable slots (armoring, mod, enhancement) but no actual model. The player can then choose what the armor piece will look like by 'sacrificing' another piece of armor and the game uses that as the actual model for the blank piece.


This would work on multiple levels: you wouldn't have to make any new armor models for the game, it would be a boon to both the lower-leveled characters and the higher-leveled ones (as the only real benefit to using it would be to change the look of a piece of armor, not to the actual stats of anything), and with the upcoming 2.1 armor dye feature it would make the game look like it added a whole bunch more "new" armors without actually having to do so.

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