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Raid Progression SM 8M/16M


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Ok since Vindrik's thread is more HM/NiM based I thought let's get this under way now i'll scroll back and see what i can find to add into the list. Also I would like to note that even though to some people SM isn't progression to some guilds without the skill it is and it's only fair to show how well some of these people are doing in the SM raiding progression before they hit the Hardmode difficulty.


Also dates and screenshots are not really important for this section but it's nice to have for the guilds reference.


Republic Imperial faction.


Terror From Beyond

Story Mode

8 Man


Aussie Brutes 5/5

Light of the Republic 5/5

Vindication 5/5

Corvus 4/5


16 Man


27-04-2013 - Synergy 5/5


Vindication 5/5


Scum and Villainy

Story Mode

8 Man


Aussie Brutes 7/7

Light of the Republic 7/7

Vindication 7/7

Oppression 6/7

Corvus 1/7



16 Man


29-04-2013 - Synergy 7/7



Toborro's Couryard (Golden Fury)

Story Mode

8 Man


Aussie Brutes





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