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What should I be stacking for a lightning spec sorc as of 2.0 ?


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I've been searching different threads and websites including Noxx looking for what stats I should be stacking, but I'm still not entirely convinced Noxx is right. According to Noxx priority goes Accuracy to 110%->Power->Surge->Crit->Alacrity.


I'm just not sure which direction is better as a whole. I don't have all 69's yet, but I'm wondering if it would be better to focus on the accuracy and power so that my attacks in general have more stopping power or if I should focus first on my crit and surge so I can get those stats back to cap as they were before 2.0.


As of now my force accuracy is at 104%, Crit Chance is at 30.89%, and surge is at 72.21%.


I really could use some input before I go and invest a lot of time and money on augments on this toon.

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