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New PVP Relics


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Which of the damage proc Relics is best suited for a DPS Scoundrel then ?


A little confused on the descriptions.


I assume it has to be one of the 'Tech' based ones but then there are two damage types to chose from, elemental and energy ? When those proc does it add that kind of damage, irrespective of the damage done by the actual attack ? Or does it only add damage to an attack of the same kind ?


Ie most Scoundrel attacks are kinetic, so it adds elemental or energy to those ? Or, for example, will the elemental Tech damage relic only add that when using Flyby for example (which is elemental based) ?


Some else on the SWTOR forums was mentioning the elemental/internal relics for use with classes that have no armor penetration debuffs and the energy/kinetic based ones for classes that do have that ?


But then again, the kinetic one is Force. etc


Yep, a little confused

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That was the old relics.


And we moaned a lot about the relics having no tags to say tech or force.


Kinetic = Energy = is weakened by armour

Internal = Elemental = is not weakened by armour


Note that it means nothing at all to use Kinetic or Energy because its the same thing.


However there is a choice because one is labelled TECH and one is labelled FORCE.


You look at the new relics text and you choose TECH if you are a smuggler or trooper, you choose FORCE if you are a consular or knight.


The reason why is your crit rate on the relics depends on your TECH or FORCE crit rate, if you have the wrong one you have incredibly low crits.

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