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On fleet, in the combat area where your class trainer is. If you're facing the outer ring, your trainer is in the last 'cubby' on the right. If you go all the way to the other side of the combat area, furthest cubby on the left, opposite the warrior trainer, there is a d00d in there called 'skill mentor'. He can re-set your skill tree.


Here is a visual for you.

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am curious about changing my skill tree for my warrior. I chose jugger but am not sure i am tank material so any ideas on whether or not i can change it and where? FYI: just started game 3 days ago so am trying to learn thanks:o


You are stuck with juggernaut bud, however as mentioned you can retrain your skill points at the skill mentor.You don't have to be a tank. Juggs have 2 DPS skill trees and both are fun and viable. I recommend rage :)


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