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Howdy doody peeps.


No, this is not a whine thread. In fact, I really do like this game. Unfortunately, it's time I put it to rest for a while.


No, it's not class balancing or new changes etc, I'm often fine with those things and have little to no objection in seeing them.


Unfortunately, it is due to the major lag in this game. It does make some scenarios hellish to play (such as PvP when there is more than one lightning storm in close proximity). I doubt it is my computer as it is very competent with many games which require higher system specs. That said, it never hurts to upgrade once in a while.


Unfortunately, until either I get a major upgrade, or the lags are reduced, I feel I need to step away for a time. Of course, if either (or both) of those happen, I'll be back on this game like a shot :)


In hoping the performance issue resolves asap, see you guys later. Or, if you play Eve, see you in New Eden ;)


And no, you cannot have my stuff. I hope to use it upon my return :p


Ofc, this may likely go unread by the powers that be. However, as stated in my comments on the unsub button, I fully intend to return once the performance issues with this game are sorted. I hope that either my comments or this post are read by the CS Droids :csw_r2d2:

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