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SUGGESTION: New Weapon Skills


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In the spirit of Patch 2.1, I would like to suggest expanded weaponry skills and options for characters.


Weapons are amongst the most visible items in the game, and at least speaking for myself, one of the most important visual aspects of my character. A cool looking weapon is a valuable prize. Of course, what is cool is very subjective and thus the very narrow options for weaponry currently in the game can feel very restrictive.


My suggestion is to allow max level characters to begin using their XP to unlock new Weapon Skill options. This gives players a new carrot to chase, and expanded options for visual customization. Obviously the melee and ranged limitations would still need to be respected. However, even within that restriction a lot of variety can be achieved.


Ranged Weapon Skill Unlocks:

-Mirror weaponry. The most obvious and least resource intensive option would be to allow mirror classes to unlock already existing weapon options. Thus smugglers would be able to use blaster/sniper rifles, agents and troopers could use pistols and bounty hunters would be able to use assault cannons or blaster rifles. The options here are probably the most varied, and the existing restrictions are the least logical.


-Bowcaster. A new weapon skin perhaps using Sniper Rifle animations. It might allow the use of a new ability, but even if its just a cosmetic upgrade it would be lovely to see.


-Slug throwers. While not as iconic as blasters, slugthrowers do exist in the star wars universe and see wide use by less advanced worlds.


Melee Weapon Skill Unlocks:

-Cross-class weapon skill unlocks. While the double handed lightsaber is iconic of the Assassin/Shadow, stating that a Master of the Force (as a max level character probably is...) cannot train in its use purely due to an arbitrary choice at "birth" is non-sensical.


-Expanding on cross-class skills, allow melee users to learn new lightsaber skills in keeping with the various schools of lightsaber use. Rather then inventing new lightsabers, this would allow players to unlock a new style creating the option to customize animations when wielding lightsabers. This would probably be too resource intensive if brand new animations had to be created from scratch, but even with existing animations it would be cool to assemble and use your favorites.


-Vibro-Weapons. There are already various electro staves and vibro weapons in game, and expanding on that arsenal would not be difficult, and allowing melee characters to skill up and then use their favorite weapon skins would be a neat option (imo).


-Blast Shields. There are many examples of this already in the star wars universe. I always thought it was a shame that shield generators had no real visual representation, and this would allow for a bit more tank uniqueness. Could even be possible to make a bladed shield of some sort for use as an offhand for a DPS melee.


While many could argue that this would blur the visual lines between classes and factions, I have to say that's already happened. Adaptive armors usable by any faction and class already make visual fidelity rather moot. Additionally, the Nameplate option to see a character's class really removes any confusion in identifying what you're looking at.


By opening up more weapon skills to all characters, you're empowering your players by giving them options. By ensuring that those options take effort, you're also giving players a new carrot to chase. The option for new boost or unlock items on the Cartel Market also exists...

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