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Blind Snipers See Farther (NOTE: Agent Spoilers Galore)


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Chapter 1


"Invitation," intoned the door guard, a very large and very bored-looking Weequay. "And we do not allow armed guards."


"Invitation?" The man had a smooth Imperial accent, cultured and practiced. The voice of a diplomat. "Do you realize who I am?" A peeved dipomat. "I will have your job, you piece of alien filth! I am known throughout this sector..." His face fairly radiated fury and indignation.


A beep sounded in the guard's earpiece. "My mistake, sir. Please enter and be welcome," the guard deadpanned, moving aside to let the still-raving man enter, along with his small entourage. He must be a Moff or other high-ranking political figure, as he wasn't wearing a uniform. Formal attire befitting such a "black tie" event had clearly been custom-made and custom-fitted. As likely as not, the suit would simply be thrown away after this party and another one made for the next one. The sunglasses too, probably. Must be nice to have money.


His two companions were polar opposites. The first was a dancer? Escort? Trashy girlfriend? The guard wasn't sure and didn't really care. But she carried herself like a tramp, and was dressed similarly. A vibrantly red dress had no straps and barely a back, and for all he knew, the chest area might have been held up by tractor beams. Space knew there was enough territory to be covered.


The garment ended just south of the parts nobody in polite company was supposed to see, the minimum length to be legal in public and not a centimeter more. Most of the woman's long graceful legs were covered by equally bright red boots...with insanely high heels and platforms that must make walking an adventure, and leather and buttons all the way up above the knees. Gaudy gold jewelry aplenty adorned her wrists and neck, and her ears held long bejeweled pieces that tinkled faintly with each step. Her deep brown skin, the color of chocolate, offset the color of her outfit nicely. Her hair was up one of those gravity-defying styles, and was black as night.


The woman took in everything a bit wild-eyed as if she'd never seen a party like this in her life, and upon noticing the massive alien's regard, smiled sweetly and winked at him rather awkwardly. Something wasn't right about her...


His attention was immediately taken up by the second companion pushing past. Dressed helmet-to-boots in full heavy armor, he?...she?...must be a bounty hunter hired to provide security for this potentate, whoever he was. Not a smart move...mercenaries could always be bought off for more money. Then again, maybe it was a statement in itself: this man had enough money that no one could outbid him. A bold move, and the type of gall that even a bored, underpaid Weequay guard could appreciate.


The merc's armor was all white, polished to a near-mirror shine, and covered every inch. The guard's practiced eye could see all the usual vulnerabilities -- joints, midriff flex points, ankles, neck -- reinforced by the most expensive and hard-to-find materials. There would be no cheap-shotting this one if things got out of hand. And the blaster pistol, blaster rifle, vibroblade, and vibroknife located at various points on the armor said that really wouldn't have been a possibility anyway.


But, outgunned or no, he'd received the beep that meant "let them in, for Space sakes!" Oh well...I'm getting paid either way, he mused. He had other guests in line to screen, anyway.


He was unaware, though, of the chatter going on in between the three: two with subvocal comm implants, the merc freely in her armor, and the elder technician back on their ship.


"Excellent job, Vector. Even I wanted to hit you for a second back there."


"We found even saying those things distasteful."


"Yeah, bug-boy, but you were pretty convincing. Sure you're not a racist bastard Imperial Moff or something in your spare time?"


"Well, we are not fond of nexu. Does that count?"


"These boots are killing me. How much further?"


"About fifty meters or so."


"Thank the Force. Eckard, I feel like I almost botched that wink. Are you sure these things are working?"


"Perfectly, my dear. It's not my fault you're not used to winking or blinking...or pretty much anything else involving eyes."


"Are you getting all this?"


"Oh yes...the cameras are working perfectly."


The floozy nuzzled the Imperial politician's neck and whispered in his ear, "I can't wait until this is over and we're alone."


"We look forward to that too, my love. Oops...time to be pompous again." He stuck out a hand and thundered an overly enthusiastic greeting to someone in an Admiral's uniform, while his rented date giggled vacantly and his personal guard stood back and looked menacing.


It was just the start of a rather bumpy night.

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"Okay, Eckard...we're in. Give me locations for the cameras."


"It will take just a moment to bring up a map of the place."


"Well, if you're out of practice, old man." She loved teasing the old retired Fixer. "I could come give you a hand."


The smile in Lokin's voice was palpable. "Now now. I don't think shooting the console will make it operate any faster, my dear."


Nyrriani -- formerly Cipher Nine, formerly an SIS double-agent, formerly the Hand of Jadus -- now a free agent, mock-pouted. "Oh, Doctor...is that all you think I'm good for?"


"I fear I would need to ask Vector about that one."


"The Hive never kisses and tells, Doctor." He was busy changing into something a little more battle-worthy than a tuxedo. "Honestly, we have no idea how we ever managed to wear these clothes in our previous life. The collar alone is a torture device."


"Heads up, kids...we're gonna have company." Kaliyo piped up from where she was keeping watch on the only entrance to the anteroom they now shared. "Two, maybe three. If there is a third, he's good. Damned good."


The sniper had just been reaching down to unzip and remove the accursed footwear she'd been forced to adopt for the charade that got them entrance here. She turned toward the direction that Kaliyo was looking. "Damn. There are three, and he is good. Change of plans, Eckard...one camera's going right here." She reached up and removed one of her eyes...which would have alarmed anyone but her crew...and stuck it to the wall about two meters up, right next to the corner.


"Acknowledged. I've almost got the map...there. The door to your west. It's a small office, but with a terminal that I can patch into that camera. Hurry...they're moving fast."


Within five seconds, all three were in the closet, and all incriminating evidence of their presence had been removed. Vector was almost left within sight after grabbing his tux and dropping the blasted tie twice, and Nyr made far more noise than she'd wanted to because of those damned boots.


All was out of sight except the stick-on eye/camera, of course, which was relaying a picture to the office's terminal for Vector and Kaliyo's benefit. Nyrriani was tracking their Force signatures through the wall. She was having trouble maintaining a bearing on the third one, and had no sense of hostility or intent.


Suddenly she heard a sharp intake of breath from both of her companions. Kaliyo spoke first. "Is that--?"


"Yes it is. A lightsaber."


"Nyr, the stealthy one's a Jedi."


But the Miraluka had seen what she needed to see when the Force signature reappeared. "No, she's a Sith." With that, she simply opened the door and walked out. Vector and Kaliyo just gawked, but eventually followed.


"Maebe, what are you doing here? Hello, Vette. Jaesa."


The Twi'lek froze, then moved in close and tilted her head to the side... "Did you...what are you wearing?"


Oh. Nyr reached up and plucked the other stick-on camera off her face, playfully attaching it to Vette's chest armor. "Just one of those 'Intelligence goodies' you hate."


"GAH! Get it off!" The Twi'lek danced backward before the former Jedi with her walked up, laughing, and rescued her. Jaesa moved, quick as a snake, and stuck the device to Kaliyo's forehead. A giggle escaped her, and Kaliyo couldn't help but smile.


The Rattataki had been prepared to blast the youngster's face off, but decided she was both older and more harmless than she'd figured. "Good one, kid."


The Agent was getting more than little impatient at the games this Sith was playing. "Oh, come on out." While she waited, she put back on her eyemask, feeling a bit naked without it.


Finally, the Sith came out of the shadows...a dead ringer for Nyrriani but wearing Sith robes...same hair, same skin...except for two glowing red cybernetic eyes. "Hello, sis. Am I late to the party?"


Yup, thought Kaliyo, same mischevious grin.



I'm not really happy with the way this flows, but it's been a long, weird day.

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Replying to subscribe because I want to know what's going on and what happens next :)

Thankee. :p I'm working on it right now.

No you're not; you're going out to dinner.

Oh cripes...Vette, why did you show Nyr the door?

*laughs* Why do I do anything?

Wait...which Vette are you?

I wonder what I can steal from here.

Nothing, Kaliyo, unless you want to end up getting killed off early on.

Fair enough.

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  • 2 months later...

Thankee. :p I'm actually not feeling very good about this one at the moment. I started off with an idea, and usually that leads me to more ideas. I'm rather pessimistic that I'll find inspiration for this character anytime soon.


Lemme put on my thinking hood and see what happens. :jawa_confused:

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Guys, I'm sorry. Thank you for the kind words, but I just don't see this story going anywhere. I started with what I thought was a cool premise, but don't really have any destination in mind.


I'm officially declaring this story dead. If I decide to raise it up and make it undead, I'll let y'all know. But in the meantime, thanks so much for reading. :p

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