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Item Appearance Transfer

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I keep seeing new CM items that look great, but lv. 50 gear has a set bonus that can't be made up for with any amount of mods. Some MMO facilitate "give this item's stats to this item" systems. You should. Better yet, allow the storage of an appearance pattern on file, so all companions can retain their own sets with their proper stats and mods, but match in appearance to an item I purchased for my char's appearance. It would be inappropriate to micro charge on this feature, even in credits, as we already pay cold, hard cash for the best looking items themselves, but I would be willing to forgive a SMALL per-item fee if each item became permanently stored in a legacy-bound collection, available free in the future. Also note that the feature should come free or at some considerable reduction (say, one-time unlock CM item rather than even the per-item fee above).
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