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<The Exiled of Anturi Reach> Guild is Recruiting

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The Exiled of Anturi Reach on the Imperial side of the war is recruiting all levels, but we are also very interested in bringing on level 50-55s so we can run Hard Mode flash points and Operations together. We are a adult guild with ZERO drama, very laid back, and are willing to help each other with mission, crafting, or what ever questions you may have. We originated on the Anturi Reach server as The Exiled when the game first came out and was the largest running guild on the server (100-150) members. After 2 server transfers and lack of game content for a while we lost a lot of good members and after it was all said and done there are only a handful of us left. Now we are trying to rebuild our numbers with fun loving, mature players that dont mind fighting through the slow times until we get enough members to be able to run Ops and FPs together as a guild. We are currently running with another guild to do the ops and other missions until we can get the numbers to stand on our own. So if your interested in joining us then just send me a ingame mail to Jadus or Vengean. thanks for the interest!

The Emperors Wrath Darth Jadus.

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