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Crafting 2.0 Issues - Gathering, RE and you


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I have to say it and I'm sure most agree..


Crafting/gathering since 2.0 is pretty much HOSED (right now). Trying to be polite here, but as a crafter that uses gathering skills and does a lot of crafting I'm amazed at the sheer volume of issues deployed to LIVE in 2.0.


Quick summary:

  • BiS no longer craftable (Yes - no need to state your opinions on this PRO or CON) is was a change from status quo. Some folks like this and some folks dislike this. This has a bigger game impact than was expected.
  • Inability to RE dropped Black Market Implants/Earpieces (Why? We can RE the 69 Gear, but not these?)
  • Gathering mission issues have a separate thread still being worked (List is like 10 deep I think)
  • Makeb resource NODES are just weak/low and should have any <401 level nodes removed from planet.
  • Inability to RE Orange Gear you made (Level 54) showing you need "Armormech" and "Syth" to RE. Huh?
  • Crafted Level 54 Orange Gear CRIT's result in MK-7 Aug slots and not MK-9 (Implant crits do work - cool)
  • Whole Crystal RE issue with not working (That has been resolved I think)
  • Return ratios and mats that are not even needed are dropping along with massive glove schems.
  • Drop rates in general have been extremely poor (While some have been fixed, some appear worse now)
  • Crafting level 28 stuff was a crazy EASY with materials too easy to obtain and flooded the market.
  • Crafting level 30 stuff is just plain SILLY as the only place Mass Gen's drop are mostly S&V HM's.


Sorry I don't mean to be rude here, but WHY all the issues on what should be a pretty straight forward part of the last upgrade. How hard is it to test craft one of EACH item and do a quick RE of that item? Or run 10 Missions of each and document results. Heck drop the timer down to 2 seconds and test 100 of them. Some of the PTS testing results we saw didn't seem to make it to LIVE for whatever reason and that is part of the problem. Whatever the DEV Team does in a vacuum after PTS should get the same level of "Review/Testing" in order to catch all the bugs. Tweaking stuff AFTER testing doesn't mean nothing else broke. Like Slicing Mission return rates, mission return rates in general, Bolster AUG Bug and my personal favorite Naked PVP.

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Thx dscount for your excellent summary of the current issues with crafting, i sign it right away.

As it stands now crafting has become an almost useless skill.


The raider community got their wish that top level gear comes only from raids now, thrown in with the bonus that the mats for the highest craftable tier comes from raids as well (how cool is that?).


Crafters lost the leveling crowd as customers as well, since they will get their upgrades now via planetary comms and are not spending a dime on it anymore.


Crafting of armor/robes/weapons is pointless, the good looking stuff is on the CC market and the run of the mill orange gear can be picked up on the GTN (from cartel pack drops) for extremly low prices like less then 20K for a full set.


Whats left? Some consumables like stims/granades and ear pieces and implants, barrels/hilts. Right now farming mats gives better income then crafting, but that will change as soon crafters drop out and the demand for mats will decrease.

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