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Minor Suggestions on Upcoming Armor Dye System


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Some minor suggestions that I hope are at least considered:


1) Make armor dyeing override unify-to-chestpiece for that 'color slot' (Primary/Secondary).


This would increase the range of things players can do with a given set of dyes. For example, if there's a [brown/Blue] dye {Primary/Secondary}, and a [Yellow/X] dye, a player could dye their chestpiece [brown/Blue], dye their pants [Yellow/X], unify their pants to their chestpiece, and end up with [Yellow/Blue] pants.


Essentially, it will make your current dye system more fun for the players to play with.



2) Put many of the Artifice Schematics in 'Standard Artifice' (1 - 400), not only in Advanced Artifice (401-450).


There's a few different reasons for this.


Firstly, it introduces players to the idea they can craft dyes earlier on (a seemingly very fun activity), which would be preferable for new-player retention. (They've already left their starting world and been crafting for a bit, so I don't think this is too much complexity too soon - these players can already craft augments)

Also, it would have a better effect on the game's economy, given the current state of Grade 9 materials. (A similar system already works fine for orange crafted armors, so it's been shown there's no harm in asking for a little Grade 2 material for something cosmetic even endgame players may want).

Also, it may help a bit in PR to put all those Grade 6 materials people continue to pull out of Cartel Packs to good use. I want to emphasize this note fairly strongly.

Also, it would help a bit with my 3rd suggestion...



3) Do not make the dye schematics all crafted out of the exact same materials.


Crafting schematics in this game can often be a bit ... anti-immersive, to make up a word for it. I make belts out of ancient artifact fragments. My expertise in medicinal science tells me I need "Red Goo". Hollinium Gloves aren't even made with Hollinium.


Putting these aside though, one of the most 'anti-immersive' things I could imagine crafting wise would be making all different colors of dye out of the exact same materials. It just goes directly against your intuition.


Introducing augments showed that there isn't really a problem when introducing a new craftable item-type to using a different type of material than that profession is used to using. You would not even need to make up any new materials, just use Bioanalysis materials. It's intuitive, easy, and more importantly, more fun to craft.


We all know how dyes were traditionally made, and the way many of them are still made today. So let us use the most intuitive material. All those animal parts we collected, and those Red, Green, and Blue Goos. It's highly preferable to us making them out of ... artifact fragments. (And it introduces enough resources that the dye 'recipes' could be more varied. Heck, with Bioanalysis, even different amounts of the materials could reasonably feel like a new dye recipe).


And yes, this was also a backdoor argument for my final suggestion ...



4) Make the Schematics use Bioanalysis Components.


See above. :)


That's all, those are my suggestions. Fairly minor, but I feel like they could make a big difference in how fun the new system is.


I look forward to seeing this new dyeing system in action!

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