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Duels on Nar Shadda(sp)


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Wel while on Nar for the Chevin event I noticed we could duel either faction without interference from other players. So my suggestion is to add a Dueling PVP mission for the neutral areas on the Smuggler's Moon. This addition would make dueling more common place and remove the whole triple teaming



1. Only doable without companions

2.Only same level duels would count for the mission

3.Assisting a friend in the duel will count for an automatic loss.

4. Limit the number of same faction dueling so that just taking hits and losing wouldn't effect the mission.

5. Make expertise null and void in the match, so that skill is essential to win, that is if people are amendable to some difficulty.



Side-note: While not much of a PvP player I would hope that this would sound interesting to the community.

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