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Seeker droid quest

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Was doing the Seeker Droid quest on Tatooine and had forgotten I was flagged for PVP. I'm a 53 DPS Guardian and I am in Rakata-grade mods from the Makeb vendor. This 55 warrior in (I believe) Black Hole abruptly leaps over and attacks me. I put up a fair fight for being surprised and under-leveled and under-geared compared to him, but I of course died. No biggie. So I continue on, but I didn't look at the chat box. Lo and behold, a moment later he attacks me again for no apparent reason. This is annoying, but again I put up a fight and get my butt whooped again. Oh, well. I revive and as I do, look at the chat. I see this.


Say: I told you to get away from here.


In other words, he wants the bloody area to himself and he'll kill me until I relent. So I say something to this effect:


Say: Listen, Sith, I'll leave you alone and you leave me alone, and we'll be fine, or you can keep this up, but I won't leave anyway.


That seemed to gain some respect for a while, because he stood a fair distance from me and he didn't attack again. Then I found the seed and said something like:


Say: There, I found it. I win. Later.


I'm halfway through my quick-travel when he rage-leaps at me and kills me again. Better judgment told me to just go back to medcenter, but my brother said "No! Rub it in his face!" I facepalmed, but put in chat:


Say: So you killed me. I still got the seed.


I was perfectly willing to let that be the end of it. However, again halfway into my quick-travel he rage-leaps me and kills me. So I shrug it off and return to the medcenter, but I got a small amount of guilty pleasure from apparently annoying this guy to death. It may be wrong, but the fact that he expected me to bow out and give the area to him made me have to retaliate somehow, and no harm was done, so...whatever. :p

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