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Looking to join a drama free Raid? Join <Favored By Fate>


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Empire side guild

We are a launch raiding guild that stopped raiding for a few months recently build back up.

Currently we are working on converting out 8-man into a 16man.


We raid Fri/Sat 8-11pm EST with an optional Sunday Cleanup raid.

We are a serious Progression group for people who work.


We need Healers, RPDS, and MDPS.

Currently we are taking tryouts. This means that you will raid with us for a little bit and we will see how you do.

We will be paying attention to how well you take guidance.

Learn the fights.

Get geared (dailies and flash points)


We do not expect everyone that applies to have raided. If you have never raided but you want to please still fill out an application.


Favored By Fate is an adult guild. We have a social side as well. The social side talks about adult things. These adult things to get into raid chat sometimes. If you are not comfortable with either being involved or hearing/seeing adult conversations. This is not the guild for you.

IF you do not want to raid please feel free to fill out an application for the social side.


If you have any questions feel free to contact Bazinga (Empire) in game, send me a PM on the forums, reply to this thread, or contact me through the guild website.


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