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So, is there an RE bug with Nano-Infused Efficacy Adrenal??


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I am trying to get the reusable version of the level 52 Adrenal, so I have been crafting Nano-Infused Efficacy Adrenals.


So far, I have crafted 20. The tool tip says I have a 20% chance to RE a schematic.


So far, zero schematics.


This isn't an RNG complaint. I'm actually wondering if this one is broken. Since ROTHC hit, has successfully RE'ed a Nano-Infused Efficacy Adrenal? I am also not seeing any reusable level 52's efficacy's, though the other flavors are all represented - is it a trend? Is this one broken? Because at 20% chence per, after 20 tried I should have had a roughly 89% chance to get one. That failure plus the lack of any reusable efficacy's on the GTN has me concerned.


So, any disconfirming experiences specific to this question out there??

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