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advanced PVP strategy


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Hey guys,


It appears to me that there are already some really good guides to beginner pvp, however there is a scarcity of posts that discuss advanced PVP strategy. I hope that we can remedy this by providing some tactics that have show to work.


Some of the examples I am looking for would be "How to shut down teams with (x) composition". "When to slow and stun enemies instead of killing them", "best positioning in huttball" etc.


Hopefully, this can provide extra reading material for those new to PVP as well as providing the existing bads with some tips to improve themselves.


To get things started I will offer a quick and obvious one for voidstar:

After capping the first door, your job as the attacking team is to slow the enemies as much as possible not to kill them in the corridor. If done correctly, your team should be able to hold the entire defending team in the corridor while another teammate- either a shadow or a marauder predation goes and caps the bridge allowing for easy access to the second door without the risk of spawners dropping down to interrupt him at the second door.


Classes with very good slow abilities presently are: Defence guardians/ immortal jugs- these guys can spam an aoe force slow at no cost. slingers and scoundrels with shrapnel bombs provide an aoe slow at a very cheap cost- and if this is the only dot being spammed there is little risk of killing those in the hallway. Vanguard tanks now get an oil slick which will slow enemies and finally tank shadows get an aoe slow as well (though not as good as the vanguard and guardian IMO). If I have excluded any, please add them here.


Hopefully this thread will take off and help provide some more competitive PVP.


All the best


-Lin (the harbinger)


P.S To the higher rated pvpers please do not feel the need to squirrel these tips away- by this point I assume you too are also frustrated with bad PUGs and would like to see them improve to a more competitive level

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in attack one advanced tactic is to watch the timer on defenders door before action..if you kill a defender when door is about to open you have basicly refilled his health, if you can burst the whole team down when the ticks on door are restarting you cut them off for 35'' which is quite enough to plant and blow the door. same situation for cw on sides in enemy hand, if you manage to lower enemy's health and kill people at the same time you can cap much more easily than killing them one by one..this way you just keep someone who can stop every cap.

but bad pvpers don't come on the forum to improve..they keep grinding defence medals or self heal medals running around..

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The usage of advanced strategy generally implies extreme weakness. If you know nothing about the enemy team composition the safest strategy is mirror whatever they do and just beat them head on. Unless you've reason to believe your team sucks you shouldn't try anything fancy, and usually if your team sucks they wouldn't listen to you anyway because that's part of the reason why your team sucks.


For example the common 'don't kill them' strat. It usually implies you actually can't kill them, because unless you're fighting guys so weak that you can kill them any time, fighting any strong opposition and you'll find that if you give them even the slightest break they will recover or, worse yet, simply kill you. Now when you can't kill the other side you need to improvise to make up for this weakness, but it's not something you want to assume at the start of the fight unless you already know your team has problems.


To go in more detail, a 4/0/4 split in Alderaan generally implies the attacking team is not capable of assaulting a defended node, which is why they have to forfeit middle on purpose and hope for the knockout position before the enemy team can be entrenched. Against an enemy team that's stronger (this is why you're taking such a huge risk to begin with) you'll likely see 2 guys hold off your 4 (because your DPS is weak) while they cap middle, and then comfortably take natural as the guys from middle arrive. But that's the risk you got to take if you're reasonably sure you can't possibly fight the enemy team head on anyway.


Do not confuse this with the fact that a very strong team can do 4/0/4 and just straight up double cap due to their sheer strength. That team could've gotten two nodes with virtually any kind of attack, and if the team is truly strong they're far more likely to stick with something generic unless they're practicing a new strategy.

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