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Solo PvE Content and Planets


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Hi there,


I first want to say that I love this game, having come here from STO which is a complete P2W mess. My guild came over to Red Eclipse because I already had the game before and got to Level 49. I have since leveled to 55 but am finding myself struggling to find solo content that is engaging and fun while my guild catches up with me.


I do wish there were multiple planets for each level bracket so that if you wanted to, you could go do different stories on different worlds and then go back and do them when you are 55. Please, don't get me wrong, I'm not whining and I really do want to spend a lot of time on this game but it just seems there is not much to do endgame instead of grinding dailies, Flashpoint Pugging (Which can be a nightmare) and the same 6 warzones.


I guess I was just hoping for more then just Makeb (a planet which I never really liked to begin with, its not really an iconic world enough to keep my interest.)


Here are a few suggestions for giving more Endgame content, feel free to comment.


- Space PvP - Introduce Guild Starships, vessels like Star Destroyers which are maintained by a guild and you can buy specific upgrades for your guild ship with credits, like you do for your own ship. This place would be a "homebase" for your guild and could move around between planets as well. You could accidentally encounter the other factions ships and engage in a battlefront-style engagement where some of your guild members get in gun turrets while the others man fighters and engage in combat in the space inbetween the ships. You could get a variety of different fighters and board enemy ships, sabotaging systems within while the enemy fights you off.


- New planets, two in each level bracket. Give people a little more variety in planet. For example;


Imperial leveling


Hutta or Korriban

Dromund Kaas

Balmorra or Naboo

Nar Shaddaa or Byss

Tatooine or Mustafar

Alderaan or Kamino

Taris or Telos (See how the Republic's recolonization efforts are going hehe)

Hoth or Vjun

Quesh or Ziost

Belsavis or Endor

Corellia or "The Maw" (Loads of ancient space stations there)


Republic only planet suggestions





Yavin IV



That way, you have an incentive to level another character with the same class story but go a different route to increase replay-ability.

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thats interesting idea about the planets but i dont think they are going to put that much time and money into the leveling up process anymore. What you have is what you have and everything now will be quality of life stuff, cartel market, and end game stuff
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I wish they would have done this from the beggining. The stories could have been made to branch and it would have not only added more variety but your choices could actually mean something. I dont think it is very possible to do it at this point. It would be too much work to rework the storylines.
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It's hopeless in terms of cost/benefit analysis, but in an ideal world, I would love being able to take multiple paths to 50+. That would help so much with how boring generic/shared missions get the 2nd or 3rd time through the stories.


Unfortunately the cost of implementing it would be beyond astronomical, not just in resources to build new planets but in terms of all the editing required to make it fit Class Story progression and other complicated quest/plot flags. I can't see it ever actually happening. :(

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I agree with a lot of other peoples thoughts, simply put its a good idea but the cost is simply too high. Yes they could have introduced branching stories and more choice but the idea is to put in as little actual content but make it feel like much more.


Personally the best I think we can hope for is more game play at end game 50/55 where everyone ends up it would be good to re-vist lv 50 planets and see what happened after the war and also to do dailys and weeklies that make sence. Rather than every lv 55 having to do section X and Mekaab because these are the only daily areas that give lv 55 rewards. More end game content is more likley than more lv 1-50 content

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I simply cannot understand why there are so many suggestion threads in the General Discussion forum, when there is a very obvious Suggestion forum right above.


OT, this would be nice, but it would take too long and be too difficult to do. That's the problem with MMORPGs that have choices like that. You just can't do it without spending more time than it's worth, at least until someone comes up with a better way.

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Hi there,


I first want to say that I love this game, having come here from STO which is a complete P2W mess. My guild came over to Red Eclipse because I already had the game before and got to Level 49. I have since leveled to 55 but am finding myself struggling to find solo content that is engaging and fun while my guild catches up with me..


you should of rolled a diffrent class,then you could of leveled with your guildies

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Believe that I would also feel alone/bored if I was the only at max-lvl in my guild. No one to run around Makeb with, no one to see the new FP:s with or Ops. Or just run around and get a few dailies on a early sunday morning when you're half awake.


Even if they were to change the lvl:ing process this is nothing that would reach the game in time to be of help to you. By that time you and your guild would all be at max lvl and working on S&V HM. At the earliest. Besides there are already 8 different class stories in two different factions. Quite a few choices as it is. If one alternates between lvl:ing a republic character and a imperial character it feels much more alive and "new" when playing through the story.



If you want suggestions my answer depends on how far behind the rest of your guild are.


Far behind:

Start an alt and lvl fast, with a bit of presence-boost and gear-help from your main you can get up with your guildies pretty quick. Then you can have fun seeing the game with them as they lvl. When they see Revan for the first time you are there and can enjoy how exciting they find it. Share the game with them, they are probably having fun playing together. You could perhaps be there with them. Get a toon with a beneficial crafting profession. Want to make your own stims, Biochem. Want to be able to gear out your comps yourself in nice moddable armor, cybertech. Start collecting all the pieces for HK-51, scan on the planets that your guildies are, at least you can do something little with them then just for company such as heroics maybe.


Not far behind:

Do the Seeker and marobinoculars a little every now and then. Perhaps start and alt on the opposing faction to see that side for a bit. Not moving over there permanently but an evening on the other side can liven it up. Seeing something new. Perhaps do a FP or Ops with your guild even if you are a bit over-lvl:ed just in order to play together. Start to gather all the pieces for HK-51. Perhaps you can do the FP:s with guildies if they are not too far behind.


All in all, I think you will have more fun if you find a way of spending time with your guildies. SWTOR changing the game in order to be more fun, well, I think there is quite a lot there to start with. And any changes to come in would take far too much time to benefit you. Think about what would make the time while waiting more fun for you.

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