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Archeology complain


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Dear Bioware,


you should be aware that you have increased the cost in material to craft Augment Kits. You also know the problem that afflicts this gathering skill since the game's launch, but now with this change it has become a REALLY HEAVY DIFFERENCE.

Why there are NO things to gather materials in flashpoints or raids with Archeology, while Bioanalysis and Scavenging can gather their materials doing flashpoints and operations? Why nothing for Archeology?

With the increased cost in crafting Augment Kits MK-9, I have to rely on my companions or going through Makeb looking for materials (Archeology + Synthweaving), while other players with Scavenging + Armormech/Armstech can just easily farm flashpoing while farming materials to craft them, and this is making now a HUGE difference in competitiveness of selling Kits made with Synthweaving rather than the others, who can get materials and loot at the same time while we have to gather in the open world or rely on (expensive) companion's missions.


This has been on since the release, but now it's making a tremendous difference. Will you solve this problem? Is it so hard to place some random things to gather for Archeology too in FP and OPS? Or make the missions for Archeology cheaper than the rest, since I doubt anyone is using those with Cybertech since running a flashpoint/raid gives you a lot of materials..


Thank you for your consideration.

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