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[Republic] ARC is looking for new members


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The title says it all...


ARC is a small guild of mature/sociable players that came over from SWG with players from both sides of the pond.


Like many guilds, after a year with he game being live, it's time for a reboot.


We are looking for mature players that want to help define and grow the guild.


We are happy to have players from any subscription level as long as the help, talk, lead and take part...


Head over to our guild website http://a-r-c.starwarswebsites.com/ or speak to one of he following


Gaj, Tayl-Wynn, kelen, loofmigee, sabbathus or anyone with the ARC tag


Thank you for reading the post...


Ps, if there are any guilds that want to merge, pm me

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Can I just ask what server you were on back in SWG?


I started a guild called ARC in the twilight years of SWG on Farstar.


It stood for Antarian Recon Commandos (after the Antarian Rangers).


Does this sound familiar, or are you a different ARC?





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