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Newbie Sorc tips? Companion & Spec


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I think Hybrid is really the best way to level. I recently leveled a Sage and found going into Balance (Madness) first to get the cool down removal on Telekinetic Throw (Force Lightning) and Force in Balance (Deathfield) was amazing for leveling.


Pretty sure I went after Wrath too, which allows your FL to proc instant Crushing Darkness or Lightning Strike. Then I would go into Lightning as high as chain Lightning and move up into the higher tiers there.


Deathfield now hits 5 targets, so it's perfect for clearing trash. Line it up with Recklessness for maximum results. At 32 you would be close to getting Chain Lightning and already have Wrath and Deathfield in Madness respecing this way.


Again, I like to drop instant damage for leveling, and hybrid is very strong with AE damage.


As fas as your companion goes, if you don't have access to HK which is the best leveling companion, then you could stick with Andronikos if you're not taking too much damage. If you're spending too much time with threat and mobs on you and find yourself healing even during easy pack, switch to Khem Val.


I prefer Ashara for dps if HK isn't an option. Once you give her a second saber (unless she now comes with 2) she is really powerful. And then you've got good ol Talos whenever you fight a boss and need someone on medwatch.

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