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New 2.0 leveling


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I'm not a lot of hours player, I play for about 1 to 1.5 hours a day during the night. I’ve been doing the Section X, Black Hole, Ilum and Belsavis dailies to acquire the necessary basic and classic comms to gear up my character. But I’m feeling this is taking for ever considering the comm. prices (150 or higher for the better items). It might be faster by HM missions but I don’t queue for HM during the week because HM missions takes time and by the time I’m called I have about 30 to 45 mins. of playtime left and I don’t want to fail the group that calls, not fair. So my suggestion would be, for example: Options in prices for anyone willing to spend the necessary hours leave comm. prices as is. For anyone else with less playtime (again this is example numbers, it could be anything lower or higher), 30 basic/classic comms plus 200 cartel coins per gear slot (I don’t suggest total cartel coins because I believe the player has to go through the different mission experiences). I don’t know if this is possible, or there might be other options I’m not aware of, all suggestions are welcomed.
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Rather than just disagree with you and go on and on about how the change you mention isn't need, I will explain why I don't feel its is needed and I am a 2-3 hour/night guy too.


You are forgetting the reason they originally put a CAP on planetary comms and holding capacity at 2.0 launch. Planetary comms drop from ALL planets now and are one single currency. This is why they had the weekly cap at 2.0 launch, but because of community outrage (for other reasons) they removed the cap and increased the holding capacity.


The WHY, simple, visit a planet that your so high above you can solo all the heroics in minutes, you get planetary comms from the turn in, not to mention strong/elites in those areas tend to drop planetary comms pretty well.


So 2 nights ago I take a 50 with no gear over item level 22 and did the heroics from Tython to Hoth (with a brief stop over on Makeb), by he end of the night I was only missing 4 armoring mods, the rest including my sabers were Purple Mod 25s, here is the break down to consider:


Planetary coms cost on Makeb (MOD 25 items):

  • 4 - Modifications
  • 4 - Enhancements
  • 10 - Barrels/Hilts
  • 12 - Armoring Mods


Most Heroics on planets give you 2-3 planetary comms and usually you get at least 1-2 dropped ones during the heroics. Each planet was yielding me 8-23 comms, it added up quickly, I even reached 91 and went to Makeb before continuing.


Character Slot needs:

  • 7 Enhancements
  • 9 Modifiations
  • 7 Armoring or 8 if offhand isn't a weapon
  • 2 barrels/hilts (if offhand is a weapon)


So lets look at modding out your entire armor with MOD 25s for a Sentinel/Marauder:

  • 7 Enhancements (5 armor + 2 weapons) = Total Cost 28 Planetary Comms
  • 9 Modifications (all armor/weapons) = 36 Planetary Comms
  • 7 Armoring (all armor pieces) = 84 Planetary Comms
  • 2 hilts (both weapons) = 20 Planetary Comms


Total Cost: 168 Planetary Comms

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