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The Powerful Buff


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Hehe, kinda weird how the ability they use for the boss are very useless to avoid, which is the things I hate pretty much. To make a revenge, the powerful buff will take and increase for 500% damage but also increase the presence for 250%... which is pretty well WOW-like ability. It will be available to train went you are defeated by a boss for your first time.


here is the list of classes's ability names:


Republic class:


This time i'll win: For smugglers

Havoc Squad Power: for troopers

Let the force be with you: for jedi knights

The awakening: for jedi consular


Empire class:


Killing with one bullet: for bounty hunters

Technique and Superiority: for imperial agents

Time for a bloodbath: for sith warriors

Fear for everyone: sith inquisitor


is just for an idea, but, what do you think?

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