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Mara DPS/Assassin DPS/Tank Looking for a active raiding guild


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Im currently looking for a new guild since my old one fell apart :(

Since then I have been on a leave but recently came back for the expansion.

but I would like to continue on the same lvl content so clearing the latest.

I have a lot of experience with this game for I have been playing it since the start.


Jugg - 51 - Tank- 140 rating

Assassin - 55 - DPS - 150 rating (been gearing him tank and DPS via solo queue groupfinder)

Tank - 150/162 Rating

Marauder - 53 - DPS - 146 rating (min maxed DPS from the time when TFB HM was new)

Powertech - 51 - Tank - 140 rating

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