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Bolster failing is not the ONLY problem..


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Bolster is a horrible system. We pretty much all agree on that. But its not the ONLY problem that is ruining PVP.

Brackets are a huge problem that make bolster worse. Specifically...badly planned brackets.


lvl 30+ being forced to PVP with 50+ players makes zero sense. With or without bolster.


As it stands now...Bolster gives you free expertise.(stupid) Despite this patches "Fix". You still get more expertise for having PVE gear on, then you do for low level gear with expertise on it. dont believe me? put in a PVE crystal with 41 expertise. then compare it with a PVE crystal. Bolster gives you more expertise if you use the PVE crystal instead.


However...lvl 50 has been the previous level cap since launch. PVP gear past 50 has better stats. Naturally. and the expertise goes up drastically...causing lvl 50+ players to literally destroy lvl 30s. Between having better stats, and more abilites to use...its unbalanced.



Proposed solution?

2 steps.

1 - Get rid of bolster. Period. This is a MMO, not a twitch game. PVP stats should be gear dependant. If everything was supposed to be equal outside of classes chosen..we can play COD and BF etc. better gear SHOULD give you more of an edge. You earned it...and nothing is stopping players from getting better gear if they play more. that is fair.



2- Make logical brackets.







this would increase Q times currently. Fix for that...cross server PVP. that **** needs to happen. fact.

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