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how would you spend planetary commendations?


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For planetary comms I buy mods that are current for whatever character i'm using, unless I have less then 50 Planetary comms on a charter less then lvl 55, then I save till about 80 or so and spend down to 50.


Basically I just want to have enough comms to make gearing at 55 easier, but at the same time I don't like maxing out and potentially loosing comms due to being capped out, so I add any mods in places I may have missed while lvling.



(Edit is because i was talking about Basic comms, and I had to rewrite a correct response) :o

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For me? it would depend on what level my current mods are all at. Level 43 armoring, hilts, mods and enhancement are all -19 (might hilt 19 and so on). How many moddable pieces of armor do you have? you should have a moddable lightsaber, do you have a moddable offhand as well? First thing I would do is check the GTN for -19 hilts, armoring, mods and enhancements and see if there are any prototype quality ones selling for really cheap. What I cant get on the GTN I buy with comm badges.


I always keep my barrels and hilts at the max level a planet can give me. Meaning if I am leveling on Hoth once I hit level 39 I buy the level 39 hilt/barrel...once I am on Belsavis and I hit level 43, I get the level 43 hilt/barrel. With armoring though it all depends. If I am level 43 that means I can buy level 43 mods from Belsavis. BUT if I have the Hoth armoring/mods which are max level 39 then I don't upgrade those. But if I had some from Taris which are max level 35 armoring/mods then I would upgrade those first. So I have sort of a pattern...with armoring and mods I usually alternate planets. With barrels and hilts I always buy the max level barrel/hilt from the planet I am leveling on once I can get it.


hope that all makes sense

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if you underlevelled in your gear - buy some mods and armorings just to finish your class story and hit 50

but all that you can get from Flashpoints' loot


the best way is to wait and buy mods on Makeb - they are Rakata lvl (which is slightly worse than Campaign you can buy for Classic Comms) and much much better then any blue 50 lvl mods you can buy out on Voss or Corellia for planetary comms

If you do not need it for yourself - use in your companion's gear

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