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<Ronin Elite> I cannot be restrained …I am Ronin


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Ronin Elite

I cannot be restrained …I am Ronin




We're a laid back and friendly guild. We enjoy helping each other with questing, crafting, PVE/PVP and everything else that comes up. Although we are on daily and all have multiple alts, we fall in the category of "casual gamers" and seek to level our characters up for end-game activities all the while building our numbers. Ronin Elite is heavily populated with groups of Real world Friends and Families, military and civilian. We abide by the Golden Rule and hold the utmost respect for all of our members. If you're interested, please visit our site and send us a message.



Ronin Elite is a reformation of Ronin, a guild on SWG pioneered by “DrewDrew”. After Pre-Launch of Star Wars the Old Republic, Ronin was reformed by “DrewDrew”, and “The Comet Family” on Ajunta Pall. When the servers were consolidated we moved to Jung Ma and came together to found Ronin Elite. Under the leadership of DrewDrew and Omegacomet Ronin Elite has grown into a prosperous gaming community.


To Join

You can either send any Ronin Elite Member an in-game message or perhaps visit our website and contact us. Please don’t be hesitant to ask us questions.

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