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Breaking news...everyone must know this!!!


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Attention, attention!!


Deft's sister is really really hawt... I wish i had a picture, but i know deft does...so ask him for it....


Thank you for your attention go about ur normal day!!


bro is she on your mind 24/7?

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The only thing that screams virgin more than hitting on females online...

is getting excited about a 15 year old MMO players sister on Star Wars forums.



Aside from that.... pics or it didn't happen.

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Day 1: Restarted computer, can't see pictures


Day 3: Installed new motherboard and harddrive, can't see pictures


Day 10: Internet guy came over, can't see pictures


Day 47: Rerouted generator power to modem, still can't see pictures


Day 83: The outside world has become increasingly dangerous, food supply running short, can't see pictures


Day 113: Suicide imminent

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