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Clan Terrik - Mando'a are recruiting Active Rp players!


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Republic side Guild Clan terrik are recruiting all classes for a heavy rp guild

Current member count - around 120 not including alts


As mentioned in the name we are a mandalorian clan, but we are not bound by the republic nor the empire


We mix Rp with pve and pvp elements too we create events of all types of rp to suit members requests


Members are split into 3 branches so they can find the type of rp sessions that suit them best.


For more information contact - Alor Dária, or Alor'ad Opat, Indomitable Acusiak, Grandmaster Lyeall,Or the Pirate lord Benkku

Thanks for giving us a look (:

Also check out our website - Clanterrik.enjin.com

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