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Twi'lek Social Ability - Parlor Dance - Please Fix!


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The Twi'lek social ability is parlor dance, which is supposed to be a "unique" cultural dance. However, when you use this ability, you only get the unique dance about half of the time; the rest of the time you get a standard stompy flaily dance instead. So if I want my Twi'lek to show the parlor dance, there is a good chance that I will have to cancel and re-try the ability to get the intended result (which can sort of ruin the effect, as the stompy flaily dance is kind of goofy).


I can't be certain if this is a bug, or if it was intentional (though I can't imagine why it would be), but I would like to suggest that it be changed! The Twi'lek parlor dance ability should ONLY include the unique Twi'lek dance. Surely, if people wanted their characters to use a different dance, they would just use the appropriate emote for it, so please make the Twi'lek parlor dance ability include only the Twi'lek parlor dance.


This has been a bug/issue for ages, but please don't let it be completely forgotten about and swept under the rug. :)

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