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Make Orange Crafted Gear Reverse Engineerable Again


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I don't know why you changed this feature in the first place, but crafted greens, blues and most purples (outside of ear pieces and implants) are worthless -- thanks in large part to legacy gear and the introduction of augment kits. All of those blues and purples are a joke since players can customize orange shells with whatever stats they want using mods.


Now, as an armormech/synthweaver, I can't even recoup some of the mats that I wasted creating orange shells that didn't crit? I can't even get a single mat required to make augment kits for that level of gear?


I don't know what, exactly, you were trying to "nerf" here, but armormechs and synthweavers are already low on the utility totem pole. I think we should be able to reverse engineer the items that we craft ourselves.

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The only craft that hasn't been nerfed by the cartel market is Biochem, all crafting skills have very little use now especially since the gear from the cartel market is adaptive and we can't craft anything adaptive.

We also can't learn purple schematics for anything modable, which totally sucks. We should be able to RE orange with a chance for purple with higher shell stats.

While you're at it, if we RE an item with an Augment slot - we should have a chance of learning a schematic that has the augment slot included. It doesn't make sense, we can craft something and get an augment slot by luck, but can't learn how to make an augment slot from RE? that's just nonsensical given i can get an augment slot component from it.

One more thing on RE and item with a augment slot - since a kit takes 10 slot components to make - RE an item with an augment slot should give me a whole bunch of slot components - not just 1 or 2.

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