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<Phalanx> has open spots!


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Hi, forums.


<Phalanx> is looking for a couple of dedicated endgame players to fill out our guild roster. We have a shortage of tanks and RDPS in the guild, and we're especially looking for a tank who would like to step into endgame raiding and progression.


We're a Republic-side guild, and our Imperial mirror is <One Shots Boss Wipes On Trash>, however we haven't done a great amount of raiding over on that side yet. We're mostly Central time based and most progression raids are from 8 until 10:30 or 11 Central.


For more information, send me a PM here or ingame message to Durg'en.



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I am one of the GM's of Children of Korriban. We are an imp guild and if you are interested we would love to have your imp toons join with us.


This is our raid schedule:


Main Operations Schedule:

Mon - 10:00PM EST

Wed - 10:00PM EST

Sat - 10:00 PM EST


Alternate Operations Schedule:

Tue - 8:30PM EST & 10:15PM EST

Fri - 9:30PM EST


PvP schedule:

Thursday 8PM EST


On the main raid nights we work on TFB and S&V. We have cleared story mode on both as 8 man and TFB as 16 man. We are just now starting to get into the Hard Modes on those 2.


On the alternate raid nights we work on the level 50 ops. We have cleared 8 man nightmare mode EV and KP and 16 man hard mode EV and KP. We have also cleared 8 man story mode EC. We haven't worked on EC much since the patch but we want to clear everything.


We like to run 16 man raids as much as possible.


When we're not raiding we like to work on hm fp's and some of us like to PvP. Thursday is our official PvP night.


We have a paid ventrilo server that is required to raid. You don't have to have a mic, though it is encouraged. You must be able to hear instruction from our raid leader though. We have a lot of fun BSing in vent and everyone in our guild is pretty laid back and we all like to laugh, talk, and poke fun at each other. However, when we are raiding it is down to business, we still have fun but we try to focus on the fights and minimize repair bills. Our main raid leader is VERY patient and always willing to help people that may not be familiar with the op. We have several other guild "elders" that are the same way. We do encourage people to watch videos online to familiarize themselves with the op.


We also have a paid for enjin website. http://www.childrenofkorriban.enjin.com


I hope to hear from you soon.


The best way for you to reach me or the other GM is sending an email to childrenofkorriban@gmail.com



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